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Designing your photographic identity.

Hey I'm Lorenzo! As a creative with a business degree, I believe business people and entrepreneurs shouldn't be weary of the oblivious creative. Working with your photographer should be an effortless synch of information to execute your brand, strategy and positioning

I started my college education in industrial design where I learned the elements of design with functionality. As well as principals of light, and basics of photography. After two years in ID I changed majors to Business Management and graduated with a B.S. in Business Management.

Fast forward a few years, after working in a typical office gaining real world business experience. I wanted a job with more flexibility so I quit and started as an independent legal videographer. The pairing of legal videography and photography works seamlessly and lets me serve both areas in the best way possible.

In this job I'm responsible for recording depositions and in this role professionalism and reliability is key.

Working with a photographer with this unique skill set will benefit your brand and give you an edge in today's busy media environment.

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